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Today's lesson
  • Last English lesson before the holidays!
  • Marks project 3
  • In-class debate
  • End of lesson

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Project 3

Last week we wrote formal letters remember?

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Lesson goals
  • Learn (more) about debates
  • Learn about the expressions: Agreeing and disagreeing
  • How to hold a debate and apply the relevant ideas to your topic
  • Practice our speaking skills 

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Project 4 will be an in-class debate. Today we will practice this. 

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How does this work?
  1. Speaker 1 (group A) introduces the argument, and what they think of it.
  2.  Speaker 2 (group B) Gives their own argument
  3. Speaker 3 and 4 repeat these steps + counters the argument,  and give a closing argument
  4. Groups C and D will judge and vote on the matter

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And now....
Research and prepare for the debate!
Work together
Don't forget to research what your opposition will say! (Je moet natuurlijk ook kunnen weerleggen)


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Agreeing and disagreeing expressions

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Speaker 1, group A (FOR)
Introduce topic
State arguments
Speaker 2, group B (AGAINST)
React to arguments Speaker 1
State own arguments
Speaker 3, group A (FOR)
React to arguments Speaker 2
State own arguments
Add closing statements
Speaker 4, group B (AGAINST)
React to arguments speaker 1,3
State own arguments
Add closing statements

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End of the lesson
Thank you for your participation! The next lesson will be in the new year, happy holidays! 

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