English fase 1 - 5.6

Fase 1 - English - week 5.6
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Fase 1 - English - week 5.6

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5.6 speaking - asking questions
5.7 speaking - homework check
Finale taakweek

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Complete the questions:
you like movies?

you swim?
go home now?
he eat meat?
you sing in the shower?

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with the present simple:
affermative: subject + verb 
interrogative: do/does + subject + verb
To help you refresh..
I walk to school               Do I walk to school?

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But English wouldn't be English if we didn't have
if the sentence contains be (am, is, are), can, must, do, may.
you simply move this word to the beginning of the sentence!
Marty can swim  => Can Marty swim?
Tom and Sarah are twelve years old  => Are Tom and Sarah twelve years old?

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But every question has an answer.

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Do you like Billie Eilish?

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Do you like Billie Eilish?
Yes, I do
The English are very polite! They will always answer with more than one word!

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you repeat the subject and then the verb.
Does your dog bite?

Are you going to the party?

May I use your phone?
No, he does not.

Yes, I am.

Yes, you may.
short yes and no answers
Note that this is the present continuous!

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Change the sentence into a question:
My holiday starts in July.

Slide 10 - Open vraag

Change the sentence into a question:
I play hockey and tennis.

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Change the sentence into a question:
Because I want to become a sports instructor.

Slide 12 - Open vraag

Assignment 1

Prepare 5 open questions for one of your classmates about their fase 1 year at CIOS.

For example: What do you think about the online 
lessons in fase 1?

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Assignment 2
Your teacher is going to send you to breakout rooms in MS Teams. In the breakout room you are going to ask your classmate the 5 questions you have prepared.

Your teacher will call you back to the central meeting after  a couple of minutes. Speak English all the time!

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Have you learned something usefull in this lesson?
Yes, I have
No, I have not
I don't know, I was on my phone the whole lesson.

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At the start of next lesson you must have finished:
Taalblokken - Lessons - A2 - Chapter 4

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