V5 - Unit 2 Recap

Unit 2
Repetition is key to wisdom
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Unit 2
Repetition is key to wisdom

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Planner Period 3

Freshen up your minds on unit 2
Plural+Singular / Gerund / passive / linking words

New grammar:
Past simple + past continuous

To do: 
Finish unit 2. Haven't started yet? Focus on grammar, vocabulary & expression assignments

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What is a gerund?
Verb+ing, without a form of to be

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When do you use a gerund?
After prepositions like: about, without, to, from, for, on, of
  • My parents are talking about moving to another town
  • I look forward to meeting you

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When do you use a gerund?
After certain verbs like: hate, like, stop, prefer, enjoy, avoid, remember, refuse, mind, keep, spend
  • So you have stopped biting your nails!
  • Why do you always try to avoid meeting him?

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When do you use a gerund?
As subject of a sentence
  • Following his advice could get you into trouble
  • Criticising others is so easy

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When do you use a gerund?
After certain words and expressions like: feel like, it's no use, it's worth, there's no, be busy, can't help
  • Do you feel like going out on Friday?
  • There's no denying he sings well

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Linking words & prepositions
Learning by doing
Study by heart
Know how to apply them
p. 154-157

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Past simple - past continuous

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Past Simple / Past Continuous

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When do you use the past simple?

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When do you use the past continuous?

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My father .................(read) the newspaper when my sister ....................(phone)
was reading/ phoned
read/ was phoning
readed/ was phoning
was reading/ was phoning

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When the accident ..............(happen) I ......................(watch) TV
was happening/ watched
happened/ watched
happened/ was watching
was happening/ was watching

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While Lynn ........ (sleep)Kim............. (finish) the presentation.
sleeped/ finished
was sleeping/ was finishing
slept/ finished
was sleeping/ finished

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What .................(you/do) when he .................(call) ?
did you do / called
were you doing/ called
were you doing / was calling
did you do / was calling

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Pay attention!
Now: do ex. 31 of your workbook
Next week I won't be present, make sure you have finished unit 2 by the 8th of April!!!

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