GC1 7. The world we want to live in - lesson 1

The world we want to live in.
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The world we want to live in.

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What are the Global Goals for Sustainable Development?
Sustainable development is development that improves living
conditions in the present without compromising the resources
of future generations.
development is growing together, improving the thinking of others
and respecting the environment.

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Which Global goals do you remember?

Slide 3 - Mind map

The global goals
"p 0" "V E" "R" "T" "Y A E F G" "I"
"0 C" "R K" "G" "J" "GEN D E" "R"
"L s" "H L" 0 "H" "I Q B C D" "H"
"I Q" "T I" "A" "G" "HUMAN" "J"
"C A" "z M" "L" "F" "R I G T H" "s"
"I p" "u :&" "s" "D" "E T X 0 K" "L"
"E V" "0 y" "G" "H" "D YWM p" "Q"
"s p" "ART" "I" "C I PA T" "E"
"WB" "C Z" "B" "y" "X s VA s" "z"
"D E" "X A" "E" "T" "A T S F T" "s"

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Why are the SDG's important to you? or to all children?

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What can be done to ensure that every child has sufficient and nutritious food in order to grow up healthily?

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Carmen's Story 
Carmen and her two brothers were not going to school. They each helped their parents on the farm and did not have enough money to attend school. That changed when the State opened a new school that gave them free education. All children from their community were able to study. Not only that, they also learned about seeds, techniques to improve irrigation of their crops, and other useful skills. It was, in short, a school where everyone was treated equally, no matter if they were girls or boys, rich or poor. Everyone had the same right to study.

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To achieve Goal 4
 the States have agreed to:
 • Ensure education for all, starting from basic education. 
• Provide more opportunities for technical and vocational training
to youth and adults so they can get better jobs. 
• End inequality in educational opportunities between men and
women, for children with disabilities, indigenous people and
victims of conflict. 
• Improve school facilities to provide a safe and positive
environment for everyone. 
• Increase the number of scholarships for vocational and technical
training, either in a person’s home country or abroad. 
• Increase the number of trained and qualified teachers. 
• Promote education for sustainable development.

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What else is needed for every child and young person to have a good education?

Slide 9 - Mind map

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What are the most important things you use water for? What if you did not have it? How can we make sure that all children and young people have access to safe water?

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What are the things that would make cities safer and better for children and young people?

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What Goals do you think are most important for children and young people? List the Goals in order of priority. 

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