Direct and Indirect speech

V3 unit 4
Direct and Indirect speech
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V3 unit 4
Direct and Indirect speech

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When do you use indirect speech?

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What is it?
Reporting that someone else said something...

Sandy: "I have a lot of homework."
Sandy said (that) she had a lot of homework. 
Tom: "We went out last noght."
Tom said (that) they had gone out last night. 

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Four steps 

1.  Identify the tense
         2. Change the pronouns
                          3. Change the time expressions
4. Use a reporting verb (said, told, asked)

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What changes?
  • Sentence in present simple -> past simple
  • Sentence in present continuous -> past continuous
  • Sentence in past simple -> past perfect
  • Sentence in present perfect -> past perfect

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Daisy: "I am very tired." (present simple)
Daisy said (that) she was very tired. (past simple)
John: "I am walking the dog." (present continuous)
John said (that) he was walking the dog. (past continuous)
Pete: "I listened to music last night." (past simple)
Pete said (that) he had listened to music last night. (past perfect)
May: "We have lived in Druten for 6 years."
May said (that) they had lived in Druten for 6 years. 

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What else can change?
Tim: "We went here yesterday."
Tim said (that) they had gone there yesterday.
Jane: "There is an elephant outside my window!"
Jane said (that) there was an elephant outside her window. 

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Turn into reported speech:
He said, “I have got a toothache”.
He said that I had got a toothache.
He said that he has got a toothache.
He said that he had got a toothache.
he said that you have got a toothache

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Turn into reported speech:
She said to me, “You are my only friend.”
She told me that you were my only friend
She told you that I am her only friend.
She told me that she was my only friend.
She told me that I was her only friend.

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Julie: I want to go out.
Julie said that I want to go out
Julie said that she want to go out.
Julie said that she wanted to go out.
Julie said that she had wanted to go out.

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Mike: "I have the flu."
Mike said (that) ....

Slide 13 - Open question

Mary: "Jenny has a crush on Tom."
Mary said (that) ....

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Mrs Janssen: "The test is next week."
Mrs Janssen said (that) ....

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Harry: "I am doing my homework here." Harry said (that) ...

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I understand direct and indirect speech

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