Unit 2.1: Fact or Fiction

2.1: Fact or Fiction
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2.1: Fact or Fiction

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- Vocabulary: types of stories
- Listening
- Grammar: past simple/ present perfect
- Vocabulary: prepositions
- Have you ever -game

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After this week's lesson you should be able to:

- talk about movies in English.
-find information in a spoken text.
- use the present perfect and past simple correctly.
- use prepositions correctly.

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Answer the following question in pairs:

Have you ever seen a film that has 
taught you about a person or event in 

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Exercise 1B: work in pairs and do the quiz on p. 20 ( Hollywood                              versus History)
                         Then check your answers on p.158
Exercise 1C: Answer the following question in pairs: Do you 
                          think it's all right for film-makers to change the 
                          facts of a story?  Why (not)?


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Vocabulary - Types of Story
Exercise 2A: Match the types of story with the descriptions a)- i)

Exercise 2B: Read the opinion. What type of films does the writer enjoy and 

Exercise 2C: Work in pairs and answer the 2 questions.

Finished: Read the instructions in exercise 3A and 3C, then do exercise 3B in                      pairs.Can you spot the mistake in the pictures on p.21?

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Exercise 2 -  Answers 
a - an action/adventure film
b - a psychological thriller
c- a science fiction film
d - a biopic
e - a crime film
f - a period drama
g - a romantic comedy
h - a disaster movie
i - a docudrama
j - a fanatasy film
k - a mystery

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Exercise 3A: Listen to the first part of the radio programme and answer the questions.

Exercise 3C: Listen to the second part of the radio programme . Are the sentences true or false?

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Exercise 4: Listen to the whole programme and complete the                               information.

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Exercise 4 - Answers
1. true stories
2. 1920s
3. real events
4. difficult
5. Oscars
6. tea
7. accent
8. image

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Past Simple and Present Perfect
I visited Italy last year.

I have visited Italy many times.

My car broke down last week.

My car has broken down.

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Past Simple

for activities or situations at a definite time in the past.

yesterday / last week / two minutes ago

I visited Italy last year.

I went to school yesterday.

Present Perfect

for things that happened in the past, but the time is not specified/important

for things that started in the past and are still continuing. 

I have visited Italy many times.

My sister has gone to school.

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Past simple or Present Perfect?
1. Hollywood has always used true stories in its films.
2. Hollywood began making films in the 1920s.
3. Some of the best films in recent years have been based on real events.
4. From these films we've learnt about the difficult lives of some biggest music legends.

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Exercise 5A: underline examples of the past simple and present perfect in                                 sentence 5- 8 from exercise 4A.

Exercise 5B: Complete the rules with present perfect or past simple.

Exercise 6A: Read the text. What changed Chris Gardner's life?

Exercise 6B: Complete the text with the correct form of the verbs in                                               brackets  (past simple or present perfect)


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Answers Exercise 6B
1. haven't always been                8. met
2. didn't meet                                  9. has spent
3. experienced                             10. has (also) written
4. left
5. lost
6. slept
7. has come

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Vocabulary Plus - Prepositions
Exercise 10: Complete the word webs with expressions in the box

Exercise 11: Complete the phrases with on, for, or by

Exericse 12A: Match the expressions in bold
with meaning a)- j)

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Answers - Exercise 10
1 / 2            at the weekend / lunchtime
3/ 4/ 5       in July / the winter / the summer / the twenty-first 
6 / 7/ 8     on Saturday / Monday morning / New Year's Day  

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Answers - Exercise 11
1. by
2. on
3. for
4. by

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Answers - Exercise 12
1. j                                                6. a
2. e                                              7. d
3. i                                               8. f
4. h                                             9. g 
5. c                                            10. b

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Finish unit 2.1  from the Students' Book ( you can skip 7, 8, 9B,9C)

Workbook: finish exercise 1, 2, 3, 5 unit 2.1

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