English classes 4H week 40 21-22

  • Lesson aims
  • Homework check ex. 14/15 and 37 t/m 39
  • Exam training 'Computer Games' - 20 min.
  • Checking your work - 10 min.
  • End of class
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EngelsMiddelbare schoolmavoLeerjaar 4

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time-iconLesson duration is: 45 min

Items in this lesson

  • Lesson aims
  • Homework check ex. 14/15 and 37 t/m 39
  • Exam training 'Computer Games' - 20 min.
  • Checking your work - 10 min.
  • End of class

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Lesson aims
I have practised reading in English and have actively trained my reading comprehension skills

I have continued to study the irregular verbs.

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  • Lesson aims
  • Warming up
  • Grammar explanation
  • Working individually
  • Working on formative 
    assessment week 40
    or continue reading

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Lesson aims
At the end of this class I know how to form, when to use and how to apply the past continuous tense (onvoltooid verleden tijd) in English.

I practise with all the different tenses we've studied:
- past simple
- present perfect
- past continuous

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Warming up
Listen to the song.
While listening:
Complete the gaps in the text

After listening:
ke 2-3 minutes to write down the different forms of the verbs in bold

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Working individually
Work on ex. 14/15 (past continuous),
                          19 (present perfect revision)
10 minutes
Afterwards we'll check your answers
Question? Please ask a classmate first and then ask the teacher.

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Past continuous

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Past continuous - use

Past Continuous: 'Verleden tijd in duurvorm'
 --> past tense with focus on duration

We use the Past continuous to emphasize (US) / emphasise (UK) that an action was ongoing for a certain amount of time in the past.

We were telling each other jokes.
You were texting him all day.

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Past continuous - form

Step 1: Either one of the following verbs:

was > I, he, she, it.
were > you, we, you, they.

Step 2: Infinitive + ing 

were/was communicating, responding, inquiring

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Past continuous - form x and ?

 Was/were (not)    (was > I, he, she, it, were > you, we, you, they)

Were you listening when I told you the news?

You weren't listening just now, were you?

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Past simple & past continuous

An action that took place in the past for a certain amount of time (past continuous 1) got interrupted by another action (past simple 2).

I was taking (1) a shower when the phone rang (2).

They were talking (1) when I walked (2) into the room.

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Past continuous & past continuous

Past continuous x 2 > two events taking place within the same short period of time in the past

I was taking (1) a shower while my mother was doing (1) the dishes.

They were preparing (1) supper as I was leaving (1) to go to ballet class.


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