Step stones A3 chapter 2 prepositions of direction

Chapter 2 - Lesson 
To the limit!
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Chapter 2 - Lesson 
To the limit!

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What is this chapter about?
Vocabulary A,B,C,D,G,H,I,proverbs and sayings
Stone 4,5,6: warning, reassuring & giving instructions 
Grammar 4,6

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Grammar 4
Stepping Stones
Prepositions of direction
(voorzetsels van beweging)

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Geven aan dat je in de richting van iets beweegt:

I walk to school every morning. 
The dog ran after the cat.
The bus is driving towards the city centre.

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Geven aan dat je ergens vandaan beweegt:

They told us to move away from the fire.
Can you take the DVD out of the computer?
I jumped off my bike after the accident

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Geven aan dat jij je ergens voorbij beweegt:

Don't walk across the street when the light is red.
We walked around the lake to get to the other side.
The plane flew over our city.
I walked past your house this morning.
The bird flew through my room.

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Overige veelgebruikte prepositions of direction:
They cycled along the river for hours. 
She always walks alongside her mother.
Rain is pouring down from the sky. 
He disappeared into the crowd of people.
I climbed onto the stage to sing a song.
The bird flew round my head.
You have to climb up  the stairds. 

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Look forward...

Study Stone 4 and 5 Dutch - English & English - Dutch
Study grammar 4 Prepositions of direction, p. 25

Do exercise 8, 9, 10, 12 & 13 chapter 2

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What to do if you have time left?
Rest of the lesson start Step. Stones on your iPad
Do exercise 1
Listening Lifeguard, listen and do exc. 2
Read the Ironman, do exc. 5,6,7 and do exc. 8,9,10,12,13

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Modals (hulpwerkwoorden) grammar 6 theme 2
must / have to /  should / ought to
Youtube Modal Verbs - How to Use Must, Have to and Should - English Grammar Lesson

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