Chapter 5.3 part 2

Chapter 5.3
America's melting pot
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Chapter 5.3
America's melting pot

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If you had to migrate,
which country would it be?

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B149 Ethnic perons and natives
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G153 Multicultural society
People from different cultures live together. 
They each have their own customs, language and religion. 
A group that shares the same culture belongs to a certain people. 
When a group of people from the same culture live together outside their homeland, they are called an ethnic group.

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There is usually one dominant culture. 
                        (Europa: Western culture)

The groups with different cultures are called cultural minorities or  ethnic minorities.

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G157 Integration and assimilation
Integration is the opposite of segregation. 
Integration means that people from a different culture play an active part in society:
- they go to school 
- they have a job
- they join music and sports clubs
- they  speak the language well 
- they know how the society is structured.

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Integration does not mean that people give up their own culture. (Their own religion or custums)
But they accept the laws and rules of the country they live in.

When migrants take on more and more elements of the dominant culture, it is called assimilation.

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