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Award-winning online teaching platform

LessonUp makes it easy for teachers to create engaging lessons using video, images, interactive questions and quizzes. Teachers can differentiate to students' personal needs and let them join virtual classrooms with their own device. In this way teaching will get a new dimension.

The advantages of a virtual classroom

For your students LessonUp is a highly motivating tool. It works on their smartphones, laptops or tablets. They don't need to create an account and can join the quizzes right away. Together with your class you can discuss the results immediately using your central classroom screen or interactive whiteboard. You can make your own interactive learning material in LessonUp and you will find loads of lessons on all subjects, made by other teachers, publishers, and museums.

LessonUp has been a great tool during this pandemic. We are 100% virtual. LessonUp has made it easy to get Lessons to my students and provide differentiation with the color coded slides. The templates have made it easy for me to create lessons and ensure that I include the necessary components for an effective lesson.
Teacher US

Interaction and variation

Students love interactivity. That is why we have a lot of different types of content to use in your lessons.


Use a mindmap to activate your students


Drag & drop

Challenge your students with drag and drop questions

Maak of deel een Quiz

Open questions

Let students formulate their own answers

Video in je les

Add video's

Use (interactive) video's in your class for variation

For teachers and students

LessonUp is designed for teachers as well as for students. Every student can get access to its own LessonUp account. And teachers can give students homework via LessonUp. In this way students can continue learning but in their own pace, at school or home.