Empower yourself with Maia, our new AI assistant for teachers

LessonUp is a user-friendly all-in-one platform for teachers. Create interactive lessons from scratch, work with our AI assistant to save time, use ready-made lessons from our lesson library, and import your existing material. Thanks to our 10+ interactive assessment features it increases student engagement, and captures all assessment data in one safe, central place.


Save hours of lesson planning time

Maia is an AI assistant for teachers with many talents, friendly and efficient. She can support you with creating lessons that follow a proven pedagogical framework. These lesson suggestions are based either on a written prompt, on copy-pasted text, or even on the text within uploaded images. It only takes her up to 2 minutes to create the first lesson suggestion! Furthermore, at any point during your lesson you can Ask Maia to create quizzes or polls based on any slide. Maia lifts the time pressure, and offers you great flexibility and innovation, saving you many hours of work.

Teachers will always be the ones who decide what kind of lesson content their students need, not AI. Maia is there just to assist you, and make your life a bit easier.
Daan Giesen, CEO LessonUp

The possibilities of working with Maia

Thanks to Maia’s new features, you could create a lesson on potentially anything. Whether it's a snapshot of a museum plaque, a brochure, or an informational display, Maia can effortlessly convert these into valuable digital lesson suggestions. What Maia can do is truly extraordinary! Even when we confine our examples to the realm of the classroom, it’s nice to know that you could copy-paste questions from past exam papers, extract parts from your syllabus, or upload a screenshot of an interesting article. The sky is the limit.

In a dedicated webinar Thomas will show you how easy it is to create a lesson with Maia.👇

Maia will read information from any source you wish to create a lesson about—whether it’s from a sign, written notes or an information board—and create a structured, informative lesson.
Thomas Courtley, Education Specialist

New to LessonUp? Check out our Maia manual!

For educators who have never used a digital teaching platform before it can be quite difficult to start figuring out how to create a digital lesson, no matter how easy it is. We've all had that feeling. Yet Maia, our AI assistant for teachers, revolutionises this process by automating much of the initial groundwork. Gone are the moments of uncertainty as you confront that blank first slide; instead, you're promptly presented with a structured lesson suggestion. After that, it is a matter of fine tuning your lesson, and adding more of LessonUp’s interactive features to engage your students.

So far it has been a real time saver! It's so easy to convert learning objectives into quiz questions, or other formative assessments. This could save you half an hour per day!
Bart Custers, History Teacher
Porta Mosana College

Just out of curiosity... what does the name Maia mean?

Maia is a name of Greek origins, in reference to the mythic mother of Hermes. In Roman mythology, she was the goddess of spring growth and the renewal of life. Maia is also a popular Māori name meaning brave or confident. All these meanings point in the same direction: teachers can trust our AI assistant by relying on her support to enhance their teaching.