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A digital platform for your educational material

Transform your educational material to digital, interactive and visual lesson materials that can easily be used in the classroom.

LessonUp gives publishers, libraries and museums the possibility to put all their educational materials in one place.

The benefits of your own lesson channel

Digitaal platform

A digital platform for your interactive educational material

All your educational material in one platform

Heldere statistieken

Clear insights and statistics

Respond to the wishes and needs of students and teachers with our clear insights

Vergroot je bereik

Enlarge the range of your lesson materials

Teachers can easily find and use your materials

Gemakkelijk aanpassen

Easily adjust your materials

To keep your lesson materials up to date

Together we can find the most suitable solutions for your content. Do you want your materials to be open for everyone to use or would you like it to be more exclusive? We will help you transfer all your existing materials (like powerpoints or pdf files) to interactive LessonUp lessons. Include your materials to the fastest growing educative platform in the Netherlands.

Want to know more about a lesson channel for publishers, museums of libraries? We'd love to help you.