Launch of groundbreaking AI lesson-making assistant Maia

Thomas Courtley, ex teacher and LessonUp education specialist

Thomas Courtley

Education Specialist

Official launch groundbreaking AI lesson-making assistant

After less than a month of testing in our beta programme, we are ready to share our main finding: an AI assistant embedded in LessonUp is a groundbreaking integration! The results are so amazing that we have decided to extend our free beta programme to all teachers. Why would you try it out? For pure curiosity, and for the following 3 reasons:


1. Benefit from an instant lesson suggestion

Let’s say you want to create a digital version of a textbook chapter. You want it to be engaging and interactive, in order to stimulate learners to become active and inspired. With our new embedded AI assistant Maia, just type your syllabus' learning objective as a prompt, and 'Ask Maia' to create a lesson suggestion. In just 2 minutes, you will have a good lesson basis.

If you prefer not to follow your syllabus, define your own prompt. In our beta experience we have learned the following: the better the prompt, the better the AI-suggested lesson. Just as when you google something, the quality of the search term defines the quality of the results. Also in this case, within no time you have a lesson suggestion with multiple slides: a mind map, quizzes, open-ended questions and more.

2. Enjoy an AI assistant with a pedagogical background

How do you instruct artificial intelligence to follow educational practices?

Our team of educators and technology experts had this question set in their minds right from the start. To help AI ‘understand’ and apply educational resources within every LessonUp lesson, they have given Maia targeted instructions. With a simple click, you can turn off any of the featured instructions. Define whether you want them included in your lesson, or not. You are in charge.  

We have instructed AI to automatically create a lesson divided in lesson phases (preparation, instruction, and evaluation) and offering the following features:

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1. Every lesson mentions a clear learning objective

The main learning objective is actively indicated at the beginning of the lesson suggestion. 

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2. Every lesson starts with activating prior knowledge

It helps students make space for new information. Every lesson begins with an interactive mind map.

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3. Every lesson ends with an exit ticket plenary

With 3 automatically generated open questions, AI helps you encourage your students to think about their learning.


3. Have fun working with such a resourceful assistant

In our experience, Maia holds the potential to help you become a more supported and inspired teacher. By working with her, you are still always totally in control of your lesson material. 

As we all know, the internet is full of amazing ideas, inspiration, and knowledge. On the other hand, there is also a lot of nonsense. Let Maia automatically scan through it, and cherry pick the most inspiring education resources. 

With an AI assistant you can claim full ownership of your lesson material, and also motivate your students digitally. Offer your students a wider range of interaction without spending loads of time on researching and writing. Transform AI-generated research into learning material to inspire and engage your students, and also—why not?—yourself. Have fun with it!