Rosenshine's principles applied with LessonUp

Our free CPD paper and webinar help you translate Rosenshine's theory into interactive lessons.


Rosenshine’s principles of instruction have been gaining a lot of attention over the last few years. Many teachers and educators believe it to be one of the best pieces of education theory recently published. However, applying theory into practice can be a challenge. After reading our free CPD paper you will:

✅ Understand how you can apply each of Rosenshine's principles in your lessons.

✅ Be inspired by learning techniques applicable to any educational level.

✅ Be able to work with a digital toolkit to boost student engagement and interaction.

Implementing our learning techniques helps boost student engagement. They stimulate creative thinking and offer a podium also to quieter, less forthcoming students.
Thomas Courtley, Education Specialist & Webinar Host

After watching Thomas' webinar you can pick out the principles and methods that resonate with your teaching style, and would work better in your classroom. You can select and teach all features and learning techniques with or without our digital toolkit. What you can expect to learn by following this webinar:

✅ What the Rosenshine Principles are.

✅ How you can apply Rosenshine instantly in your lessons.

✅ How you can apply it using digital tools like LessonUp.

Interested in how to apply Rosenshine's principles into effective lessons? Download the free CPD paper and watch our free webinar to discover how it could work in your classroom.