LessonUp as alternative to Kahoot

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Thomas Courtley, ex teacher and LessonUp education specialist

Thomas Courtley

Education Specialist

Kahoot is mostly known by teachers as a tool to create quizzes during a lesson, or distribute them as homework. What teachers may not always know is that you can create quizzes with LessonUp too, and much more! In this article, we dive into the differences between the two platforms.


1. Made specifically for teachers and educators

The LessonUp team understands teachers and educators, as our platform is built specifically to support our superheroes with interactive lesson plans. Kahoot, on the other hand, caters to a wider variety of customer profiles. Our toolkit focusses on the creation of complete lesson plans featuring a wealth of interactive assessment features, collaborative tools, and multimedia elements such as videos. Kahoot is known for the creation of quizzes, yet it also offers a variety of other features.


2. Lessons sequences based on learning objectives

With LessonUp you can easily create lesson plans based on learning objectives from your syllabus. Rather than just providing a single quiz or lesson, you can create a structured sequence of pedagogically-sound lessons. Our interactive features help you cover all phases of a lesson—from activating prior knowledge, to assessing comprehension. This approach enables you to engage with your students effectively, create bridges, and motivate them over an extended period of time.


3. A complete, comprehensive AI assistant for free

LessonUp offers a comprehensive AI assistant for teachers—Maia—also in our FREE subscription plan! Thanks to Maia, you can make a lesson from any source that contains words. It only takes Maia up to 2 minutes to create a lesson suggestion provided with a pedagogical structure. Moreover, at any point during your lesson can you ask Maia to create quizzes or polls based on any selected LessonUp slide. Kahoot also offers AI for quizzes, yet only in their most expensive type of subscription.

We all really like the interactive videos, and all you can do with them! Learners enjoy looking at a video, and are asked digital questions about it.
Anastasia Sergiou
Ambitious College

 4. A LessonUp-only interactive assessment feature

When our users think about LessonUp, they think about connecting and engaging with their students thanks to multiple interactive assessment features, not only quizzes or polls. Among its portfolio of different features, LessonUp offers a distinctive one: the interactive video! This feature allows you to automatically pause a video—assess students with quizzes, questions, and more—and then resume playback. It’s not difficult to implement, and so engaging and effective!


5. Clear, clean, classroom-centric interface

LessonUp is an incredibly intuitive tool that doesn't require extensive learning. There is a clear path to create, find, and teach lessons, while Kahoot has chosen to offer a wide range of tooling, libraries, and options within the account page. Together with its interactive features, LessonUp provides playful shapes and tables to enrich explanation slides, and components such as spinners and traffic lights to help motivate your students.

More benefits of teaching with the support of LessonUp

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Save time on lesson planning

Start a new online lesson by uploading a PowerPoint presentation and upgrade it with any of our interactive assessment features, or try out our AI assistant.

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Increase student engagement

LessonUp supports you by offering a wealth of interactive features to engage and motivate students: quizzes, mind maps, drag & drops, spinners, and more.

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Track pupil progress

See student results after each interactive slide and in the student reports. Benefit from giving immediate feedback, and spotting misconceptions right away.