What do teachers think about LessonUp? 👇 Check out our Customer Satisfaction Survey

Thomas Courtley, ex teacher and LessonUp education specialist

Thomas Courtley

Education Specialist

Cover image blog_ What do teachers think about LessonUp? Check out our Customer Satisfaction Survey

At LessonUp we believe that teachers are at the heart of education. You inspire, motivate and lead students during their journey towards becoming young adults. Our mission is to empower you to create the most engaging, joyful and effective learning moments. Are we succeeding in this? To answer this question we decided to carry out a Customer Satisfaction Survey.

We are very proud to share with you the key results of our 2022 teacher survey.

This September, more than 1.300 LessonUp users filled in our survey. Although we often ask teachers what they think about teaching with the support of LessonUp, it is nice to translate all these experiences into clear numbers. We are pleased with the results of our survey. Curious?

1. Who are our users?

Our users are mostly teachers, headteachers, and school administrators. That comes as no surprise since our intuitive toolkit, community, and platform are built around teachers’ needs and wishes. How long have they been teaching? Are they digitally skilled? Are they loyal to LessonUp?

96% of teachers using LessonUp would recommend it to their colleagues, friends, and family.
Source: LessonUp Customer Satisfaction Survey, September 2022

Teaching experience

LessonUp is being used by teachers with various levels of teaching experience:

  • 27% of our survey’s respondents have 5 or fewer years of experience
  • 47% have between 6 and 20 years of experience
  • 26% have more than 20 years experience. 

Both experienced and relatively inexperienced teachers enjoy working with LessonUp. They find it accessible & user-friendly.


Digital skills level

7 out of 10 LessonUp users feel they have relatively good digital skills:

  • Around 69% of LessonUp users would score their digital skill level to be an 8 or higher. 
  • 31% score themselves lower in terms of digital skills.

Long term loyalty level

We are very proud to see that we have a very loyal base of users. 1 out of 4 users have been using LessonUp for more than 3 years:

  • More than 25% of our users have been using LessonUp for more than 3 years. 
  • 61% of our users have been using LessonUp for more than 2 years.

We are grateful that once our users start teaching with LessonUp, they enjoy its benefits for years.


Daily & weekly loyalty

The majority of our users teach with LessonUp a few days per week:

Around 66% of our users teach with LessonUp a few days per week. For us, this is the biggest compliment we can possibly get. With so many different tools, software and platforms out there, we are extremely proud to experience that LessonUp is being used frequently and consistently!

2. What do our users think about teaching with LessonUp?

What do you, or your colleagues, think about teaching with LessonUp in your classroom? Or remotely? Would you recommend it to your family? Or your colleagues? The answers to these questions truly matter to us. Because we strive to support you in teaching at your best, engaging your students, and making every class better than the last. So what "do" our users think? 👇


96% of our users would recommend LessonUp

In our survey we asked the following: “How likely would you recommend LessonUp to colleagues, friends and family on a scale of 0 to 10?”. More than 95% of our users would recommend LessonUp to their colleagues, friends and family. And 60% would go a step further and highly recommend us.


95% of our users believe that LessonUp supports them better than other tools

We asked teachers which other tools, software and platforms they use besides LessonUp. The top 3 tools mentioned were: PowerPoint, Kahoot, and Google Classroom. We are proud to share that 95% of our users consider LessonUp to have better added value than other platforms and tools.


93% of LessonUp users expect to use LessonUp the same or more than last year

  • 9 out of 10 users of LessonUp expect to use LessonUp for the same amount of time or more in the next year, if compared to last year. 
  • 26% of users expect to use LessonUp more or much more than last year.

As you know, last year teachers were all still widely affected by COVID-19 lockdowns. Thanks to our survey we can now confirm that our users don’t only value LessonUp as a platform to teach remotely. They still enjoy teaching with it in the classroom, and for more than 1 or 2 days a week!