Give real-time feedback to support and advise your students

Thomas Courtley, ex teacher and LessonUp education specialist

Thomas Courtley

Education Specialist

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Did you know that when sharing your digital lesson with your students in the class, or remotely, you can always give them immediate feedback?

This is a great LessonUp-specific feature that enables you to interact real-time with your students if you want to. Also, but not necessarily only, on a digital level. You can always support and advise them: when teaching online, offline, and hybrid. 


How do you give your students real-time feedback?

When you share a lesson with your class, by clicking on the button share with students, your student can work independently on your lesson. In the report you can then check what your students have done, and which questions have been answered.

Step 1

You have shared an interactive lesson with your students.

Step 2

Go to the report of the shared lesson and click on: student. Next to each slide, click on write a response to give him/her feedback concerning his/her (absence of an) answer. 

In the pop-up window, you can proceed by writing your comments. 

Click on OK and your student will see your feedback in his/her shared lesson. 


Step 3

While working on your lesson, on that specific slide, your student will see that you have left a message. 

He/she can then proceed to click on it to check the content of your message. 

He or she can change their answer/s based on your feedback. Check out the changes he/she has made in the student’s report.

Step 4

In the student report you can clearly see when your student has read your comment. In that case, a green check mark appears next to the given feedback, meaning ‘read’.

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