Be in control also when you teach remotely - with LessonUp

Thomas Courtley, ex teacher and LessonUp education specialist

Thomas Courtley

Education Specialist

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The current situation of teaching requires a different approach to the concept of education. Maybe you are used to giving (a lot of) face-to-face instructions in the classroom, but how do you solve that when your students are at home? LessonUp offers several options to enrich and facilitate non-disruptive online teaching.

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Option 1: Continue teaching as if in a normal classroom setting 

Set up an online classroom

Setting up an online classroom in LessonUp is the closest you can get to a normal classroom lesson. From there, you can share your LessonUp screen with the students in the newly created class. Your screen will then be the central screen for students to view and refer to throughout the lesson. We've provided quick guides on how to set up this kind of online classroom with Google Meet and Microsoft Teams in the articles below.

Give an interactive lesson with a second screen

What if you also want to provide interactivity with your students? How will you be able to manage face-to-face interaction and run through lesson material at the same time? It helps to use the split-screen capabilities of your computer or a second screen to view your students on the video call and your lesson all at once. Your students should do the same to be able to follow along. 

Students can participate within interactive lessons by entering a pin code through the free (app or web browser). The teacher immediately sees participants and student answers. After you’ve finished your interactive lesson, all students' answers are saved within your LessonUp account. You can access them under the 'Reports' button and in your class tab. It’s a great opportunity to evaluate your students’ learning and monitor the well-being of your students. For example, you can easily do this using the poll feature in LessonUp.

My students LOVE LessonUp! They ask more questions during the lesson using the question (hand) button, and I love that I can preview the questions before I address them as a whole group!
Tara R., Red Bud Middle School

Option 2: Provide student-paced lessons

Create and share your own online LessonUp content

You can add spoken instruction to a lesson shared to your students in LessonUp. You can then better explain the structure of the lesson and the learning objectives. Students can listen and review the recording at any time.

A shared remote lesson (i.e. homework lessons) should have an introduction and conclusion so that students understand fully what the learning objectives are and what is expected of them. In this article, we have explained what an outline of a LessonUp ‘shared lesson’ could look like.

No time? Use a pre-made lesson

To make online teaching easier, you can use existing lessons in LessonUp. There are over 800,000 lessons in our lesson library. These are ready-made lessons and templates that you can use directly from colleagues, publishers, museums and many other organisations. Of course, you can also customise the lessons to your own preferences and then use them as a part of your curriculum and for your students. To share lessons with students, you first need to have an account with LessonUp. 

To conclude

Using LessonUp on a regular basis helps you create quick interactive content or use from other teachers or organisations for fun interactive and formative lessons. The options above provide different ways of promoting independent work and student-paced learning in online settings or in the classroom.

LessonUp is an easy-to-use and flexible platform. It’s a matter of how you would like to teach your students and what platform works best with your learning techniques. 

Want to know more about LessonUp? Create a test account now and start creating your first lesson. Having trouble? Contact our help desk, we are happy to help!