Formative assessment strategies today and in the future

LessonUp is an all-in-one teacher toolkit that has the potential to embed, facilitate and centralise formative assessment, eliminating the hassle of switching between platforms. Thanks to its wealth of interactive assessment features it’s the ideal online teaching platform to motivate students and capture assessment for learning in a safe, central place.


Formative assessment is changing

Formative assessment is an integral part of a student-centred approach to education, fostering continuous improvement and a deeper understanding of the material being taught. It involves a variety of techniques, such as quizzes, open questions, discussions, observations, and feedback, all designed to inform both teachers and students about the effectiveness and quality of the learning process. In recent years, formative assessment has undergone several changes, driven by advancements in technology, evolving educational philosophies, and a deeper understanding of effective teaching.

LessonUp has been game changing for us, especially with regards to assessment for learning and participation. We can immediately check that we have 100% participation.
Chris Thomas
Lead Teacher of Enterprise, Nottingham University of Samworth Academy

Engaging assessment features

Teachers who teach with LessonUp express their enthusiasm for its interactive features. In our formative assessment guide we focus entirely on LessonUp’s portfolio of interactive assessment features, and highlight the pedagogy treasured behind them. Discover how interactive features and components enhance student interaction in the classroom and how that empowers you while teaching. Easily add a mind map, quiz or spinner to your lesson material, all within our centralised online teaching platform. Let’s delve into each one, providing you with a firsthand experience of their brilliance! 👇

Teachers' most beloved interactive features

interactive-mind map

The mind map

The mind map in LessonUp is a particularly loved formative assessment feature. Many teachers use it to activate students' prior knowledge.

The spinner

A spinner is a colourful addition to a lesson. Teachers often use the spinner to select a random student to answer a question, without having to choose.

dotted square pictogram


Students enjoy hotspots. They are the perfect interactive buttons to playfully dive into detail, allowing learners to explore images with leisure.