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Would you like to dive deeper into some learning techniques or other ways to engage your students even more during your lessons? Every quarter we release a professional development paper where we do a deep dive and we give you recommendations based on what different researches suggest.


10 learning techniques to make the most of your students' natural superpowers

The word 'metacognition' sounds very scientific, but it is something we all do every day, and are quite good at. It could also be called mindfulness, or awareness of our feelings of ‘knowing’ and ‘not knowing’, plus the strategies we develop based on those feelings. In this CPD paper we unpick the fancy word, become acquainted with what it really means, and of its importance for both you and your students. To make it clear and practical, we offer 10 targeted learning techniques to embed metacognition directly into your lesson plan and your best practices.


Encourage your students to become active learners

Teachers ask an average of 400 questions a day. Most of the time they don’t wait very long for an answer, or they have a ‘hands up if you know the answer’ culture. In that case it’s always the same students who put their hand up, and only if they know the correct answer. What about the rest of the class? The silent kids hiding in the background? The more disruptive pupils? Or those who easily get distracted? It is scientifically proven that active inquiry and learning are children’s natural inclination.

So what can you do to encourage those natural sparks of curiosity during your lessons?


Bring the world into your classroom - 10 learning techniques to stimulate critical thinking

What’s happening in the world? What caused it? And what can we expect in the future?

In this CPD paper we offer you a selection of learning techniques and strategies to bring actuality into the classroom, inspire your students, and stimulate them to think critically about news sources and their content. All our learning techniques promote student engagement and interaction. Optionally, you could implement them by using our intuitive toolkit for teachers, where you can create complete digital lessons with interactive slides.


10 effective steps towards closing the attainment gap

In this CPD paper we address an important topic: how do you reduce and ultimately close the attainment gap within the education sector? Starting in your classroom, with the tools you have available? The best approach is to think constructively and positively, and to make steady progress step by step, little by little, on different levels. You are already doing so every day in your class. To support you on this journey, we list 10 steps towards closing the attainment gap with the help of our toolkit for teachers.


Teach Engaging Classes - 12 Learning Techniques to apply Rosenshine's Principles of Instruction

In this CPD paper we briefly summarise Barak Rosenshine’s 10 Principles of Instructions, and offer you a selection of 12 learning techniques and strategies to apply Rosenshine’s principles directly in the classroom. All our learning techniques promote student engagement and interaction. Optionally, they can be implemented by using our complete digital teaching platform, where you can alternate presentation moments with interactive slides, and provide real-time feedback to your students.