Archive and delete your classes, ready for the summer break 🌻

Jan-Wolter Smit

Head of Education

Every starting school year marks a new beginning for you and your students. It is nice to find everything clean and tidied up when you return to school. Also a digital teaching platform like LessonUp can be tidied and sorted out before the end of the school year, ready for your return after the holidays! Would you like to know how?

Nothing is lost

Old classes can be archived, to create a cleaner working environment. The archived lessons remain still accessible for you and your students. Nothing goes lost, and students can consult them and re-use them during the course of the new school year. For example, in preparation for standard tests or exams.

How do you archive your classes in LessonUp?

  1. Go to My classes
  2. Select the class that you want to archive
  3. On the right column, click on Archive class

Done! The class has been moved to Archived classes. You can search for it through My classes. In your students’ working space, the archived classes can be searched for by clicking on Classes, followed by Archived classes.

How to name your archived classes

In order to have a clear overview of your archived classes and find them back easily if necessary, use clear descriptions and/or numbers while saving them. Many teachers use the class name followed by the school year between brackets 👉  for example M3A (2019/2020).

Can you restore archived classes in LessonUp?

Yes, archived classes are easily restored. To do so, go to My classes, followed by Archived classes. Select the class that you want to recover, and click on Restore class, on the right-hand column.

Do you want to remove a class permanently?

To do so, you first have to archive the class, as explained above. Once you have done so, select it from your Archived classes, and click on Remove class permanently. Once the class is removed, student reports & results are deleted too.