A learning technique to help your students improve academically

Thomas Courtley, ex teacher and LessonUp education specialist

Thomas Courtley

Education Specialist

Cover image blog_ A learning technique to help your students improve academically

What kind of learning technique is this? The learning technique "create your own recipe... for personal improvement" stimulates students o analyse which ingredients they need to move forward academically, and reach the next level. Some might indicate the need for social-emotional support, while others seek practical learning tips, or advice on the best ways to communicate with teachers and/or fellow students.


How do you create it in LessonUp?

Creating it in LessonUp is simple. All you need is one targeted slide and a photo question.Students are encouraged to write their own improvement recipe.


How do you implement it?

This is the perfect learning technique to start the academic year constructively. It helps students boost their general performance, prepare conversational topics for mentor meetings, and more. By implementing it, students also gear up for future student-teacher, and parent-teacher-student conferences.  

You could prepare an overview of “example-ingredients” to inspire and engage your students. It is handy to let them know that small wishes also count, especially the first time they work with this method. Please keep in mind that a safe and sympathetic environment is essential for working with this learning technique.