Help learners visualise what they have learnt 👉 I used to think… Now I think…

Thomas Courtley, ex teacher and LessonUp education specialist

Thomas Courtley

Education Specialist

Cover image blog_ Help learners visualise what they have learned. I used to think… Now I think…

With this learning technique you can assess your students’ overall progress by using a simple statement—I used to think, now I think.


How does this learning technique work?

The technique prompts students to reflect on their existing understanding of a topic before acquiring additional knowledge. By posing an open question, their thoughts become visual, encouraging a connection between the lesson's learning objective/s, their newfound insights, and their prior knowledge.

This method compels students to reconsider their previous understanding of a subject in light of newly acquired insights. It helps you assess their progress in fully understanding a topic.


How do you implement it in the classroom?

Thanks to a simple question you can ascertain your students’ prior knowledge, as well as their new insights on a topic. Creating bridges between students’ prior knowledge and new insight/skills is essential for their growth and awareness. It also activates them to think about their development, and acknowledge the importance of what they are learning. 

This learning technique can be applied to learn more about any subject, from a content-related angle. It could be used also as an exit ticket plenary to assess learnings and misconceptions.