Play domino with a drag & drop question

Thomas Courtley, ex teacher and LessonUp education specialist

Thomas Courtley

Education Specialist

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You can create some nice activities and games with LessonUp’s drag & drop component!  Check it out for yourself in our gamified learning technique Domino.

How can you create a similar gamified domino lesson? First of all let’s make sure you have your digital domino pieces ready. These are not findable in LessonUp, so we had to create our own. The domino pieces are images, not textual fields. To help you, we have created an empty domino piece that you can customise.

1. Insert the texts that you want to implement. Where? By using our textual component.

2. Click on Teach and make a screenshot of the domino piece with text.

3. Cut the screenshot of the domino piece in Windows, or by using your Mac.

Tip! Remember that from block 4 to 5 the sequence moves from left to right! We did this on purpose, to make the assignment more challenging for students.

Once we have created the domino pieces, we can upload them in LessonUp. For the creation of the domino game you can use this ready-made template. If you prefer to design it yourself, you can use images and the drag & drop feature. As stated here above, the domino pieces are images that you can create beforehand. Create the same connection as with a normal drag & drop feature.

In the domino game indicated in this article students are asked to create a logical sequence of events. We don’t ask them to simply combine dates and events.