Engaging learning technique to revise & assess 👉 5 about 1

Thomas Courtley, ex teacher and LessonUp education specialist

Thomas Courtley

Education Specialist

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Motivate your students with this engaging learning technique! It's an effective formative assessment method to evaluate comprehension, clarify misconceptions, and reinforce the learning process.


What is it? 

This learning technique implies the use of clusters of five true/false quiz questions related to one topic. Students are provided with 5 questions/statements /facts concerning any given topic. They have to decide whether the notions are true. 

Once the assignment is concluded, the goal is that at least three true/false statements are correct. This is an arbitrary number of course, but it adds an appealing element of playfulness to the challenge. Once concluded, discuss the questions/statements /facts with your students. This will clarify misconceptions and reinforce the learning process.


How do you implement it?

Creating quizzes in LessonUp is a straightforward process that you can learn in no time. Once your students have placed their choices, you can immediately revise their answers, and provide students with real-time feedback both in person and digitally. 

The results of all the quizzes will automatically be saved in the lesson, and within the student reports for future reference. Thanks to these features, you are always able to track and monitor your pupil progress, with clear evidence of learning.

Where does it work in the class?

You can implement 5 about 1 during all lesson phases: as a lesson starter, to revise with your students in preparation for a test, or as part of a formative assessment. Make it as complex and as challenging as you prefer. Feel free to apply it to any subject, level of instruction, or class.