5 ways of encouraging collaborations between teachers with a digital strategy

Thomas Courtley, ex teacher and LessonUp education specialist

Thomas Courtley

Education Specialist

teachers collaborating together and sharing lesson materials

The purpose of this article is to inform you about the existence of a cost-effective digital toolkit for teachers, which, by itself, is a complete digital strategy solution. One of its most significant advantages is that LessonUp seamlessly encourages collaborations between teachers.


1. All school staff can collaborate in shared folders

Collaboration and sharing among teachers play a very important role in enhancing the educational experiences and promoting a sense of unity within a school. When educators come together to share their expertise, resources, and best practice, it creates a dynamic learning environment that benefits both students and teachers alike. With LessonUp teachers can work together in shared modules, classes, and lessons. They are encouraged to co-operate and co-create engaging digital lessons. Your school can harness their collective skills and knowledge by storing it effectively, in a safe environment, and if a teacher is sick or absent, it becomes much easier for your staff to fill in for each other.

I really wanted to have one platform that would work for the vast majority of different subjects at a secondary level so that we could all work together on a shared development whilst allowing for contextualisation to each subject.
Cerys Walker
Cross Trust Digital Provision Leader at Turner Schools

2. Subject coordinators can easily access all data

With LessonUp's School Complete and Plus, you can centralise your school’s complete curriculum, including all students’ work and data, in one safe, GDPR-compliant place. Teachers can use lesson modules to create yearly overviews of their lessons. Thanks to these yearly overviews, they can facilitate the work of subject coordinators, who play a vital role in ensuring students receive a well-rounded and comprehensive education. It's essential to streamline their workflow, sparing them from the burden of managing hundreds of documents. LessonUp offers a centralised platform where they can access everything.


3. Teachers can use lessons from our free online lesson library

Our free online LessonUp library has hundreds of ready-made lessons, mostly created by teachers and educators. If for any reason teachers can’t create their own lesson/s, they can teach any of the hundreds of adaptable LessonUp lessons for free. All they have to do is click on a lesson, save it to their account, and teach the lesson as it is, or tailor it to their students’ needs.

37% of LessonUp lessons taught in the classroom are not created by the same educator who is teaching them.
In-tool statistics

4. Teachers are encouraged to learn from each other

We specialise in education, providing professional development resources for teachers. Thanks to our webinars, workshops, CPD papers, onboarding sessions, blog articles, help desk articles, the LessonUp academy, and our content creators, teachers are constantly encouraged to learn from each other. They are not only encouraged to see how our digital toolkit works, but also to read and listen to other educators discussing pedagogy, and sharing their best practice and latest developments.


5. Teachers can always draw inspiration from other educators

Planning a workshop is an effective way to offer your staff personalised support and assistance in becoming proficient with LessonUp. Conversely, our CPD papers and webinars are closely linked and based on global pedagogical themes. These topics change every few months and are translated into practical teaching techniques that educators can apply during their lessons and classes. To help them in this very important task, our education specialists have created lessons with free learning techniques, templates, and designs to inspire and support other teachers. Teachers can consult what we have created, save them to their accounts, and modify them.

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