5 ways of maintaining a safe digital classroom environment with a digital strategy

Thomas Courtley, ex teacher and LessonUp education specialist

Thomas Courtley

Education Specialist

a safe digital classroom for teachers and students

The purpose of this article is to inform you about the existence of a cost-effective digital toolkit for teachers, which, by itself, is a complete digital strategy solution. One of its most substantial advantages is that LessonUp continuously maintains a safe digital classroom environment.


1. The shared folders and the platform itself are safe

Ensuring safety in the classroom is paramount and represents one of the pillars of the education sector. It is imperative that teachers, students, and parents all have confidence in the safety and protection provided within the school environment. At LessonUp we take privacy seriously and are fully committed to complying with GDPR regulations. This law is designed to protect the data and privacy rights of all internet users. The privacy of teachers and students is fully protected.

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2. Teachers can lock their lessons

All lessons created within our platform are public, and automatically become part of our free lesson library. However, teachers have the option to lock their lessons and keep them private to prevent them from being published. Our lock feature ensures that lessons cannot be discovered by others when searching in the LessonUp library. This provides teachers with the confidence to create student-focused lessons.


3. Students’ answers can be made anonymous

The ability to maintain student anonymity while teaching and presenting fosters a secure learning atmosphere. With LessonUp teachers can implement numerous interactive elements that safeguard student anonymity in the classroom. They stimulate student engagement without putting them in the spotlight. While working with a mind map or an open question, for instance, teachers can choose whether they want to display student names or not.


4. It provides safe and private digital interactions

If due to a weak internet connection your school cannot access our teaching platform, please know that all lessons, classes and reports are safely backed up. They will become accessible as soon as the platform is up and running again. Nothing teachers create in LessonUp can be lost, unless they delete it. To avoid ‘unwanted’ students, teachers can block external students or any other people from accessing their lessons.

With LessonUp you can:

Protect personal student and teacher data

Adherence to GDPR regulations is essential to safeguard the privacy of students and teachers.

Secure storage of lessons, tests, homework

Storing this feedback securely ensures the confidentiality and integrity of assessment data.

Make your students anonymous if they feel safer so

The ability to maintain student anonymity while teaching fosters a secure learning atmosphere.


5. It helps promote healthy digital habits

Parents should not have concerns about sending their children to school, nor should they worry about the activities and interactions taking place online. Thanks to LessonUp, learners get used to developing strong online safety habits. Each lesson has a unique numeric code. At any time teachers can decide to close the PIN option, and require students to be registered and logged into their classes. This makes it safer for teachers and learners, who get used to experience and discuss online safety.

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