5 ways to keep track of pupil progress with a dynamic digital strategy

Thomas Courtley, ex teacher and LessonUp education specialist

Thomas Courtley

Education Specialist

A poll at the end of a lesson to show how the students understood the material covered

The purpose of this article is to inform you about the existence of a cost-effective digital toolkit for teachers, which, by itself, is a complete digital strategy solution. One of its most substantial advantages is that LessonUp supports teachers in keeping track of pupil progress.


1. It offers lots of formative assessment moments

One of the most difficult things that teachers do is keeping track of pupil progress, and making sure the evidence supporting their progress is clear, safely stored, yet easily accessible for teachers, school leaders, tutors and parents. When we ask teachers what they like the most in LessonUp, most of them answer ‘the interactive features’. These features provide a range of tools to assess student knowledge and progress. Among these, the quiz question is particularly popular among teachers. By using few well crafted quiz questions, teachers can easily spot who needs further support and who is ready for their next learning step.

In the absence of a teacher, all lessons and student data are easily accessible to a colleague or a school leader. This way, no single person is held accountable for finding and sharing essential information.
Jan-Wolter Smit
Head of Education, LessonUp

2. It brings consistency across the entire school

Having to present data and evidence of individual pupil progress can be quite frustrating, especially considering that this information is typically stored in teachers' minds. However, in today's educational landscape, there is an increasing demand for teachers to quantify and document their students' progress. With LessonUp, all teachers and school leaders in a school, or across a school trust, could use the same digital toolkit to save evidence of student progression. Teachers don’t need to find their own way of storing valuable evidence, and lose time looking for it before teacher-parent conferences or department meetings. It’s all within hand’s reach.


3. It promotes learning conversations

To make evidence of pupil progress accessible throughout the entire school, the challenge lies in collecting and securely storing a comprehensive bank of student data in a safe and easily accessible location. After students complete a lesson and respond to all interactive questions, the data is stored in the lesson's report. Teachers can promptly type their feedback and save it, allowing students to access it in real time. This digital interaction can back up ad-hoc conversations and can be referred back to, supporting students to act upon their teacher's advice.


4. It acts as a safe and centralised data bank for your school

One of the remarkable benefits of LessonUp is its automatic preservation of this valuable information. Pupil progress data is securely stored within the student reports, which can be accessed by teachers with Pro subscriptions or as part of a school subscription. LessonUp supports this by providing a safe, centralised data bank for your school and your school’s trust. As everything is stored, and evidence of pupil progression within your lessons clearly gathered, everybody is automatically informed. This simple fact frees a lot of time otherwise spent in marking papers and filing documents.


5. It is a way for teachers to quickly spot misconceptions

LessonUp's reports offer clear insights into the progress of individual students for each lesson or class. This data serves as readily accessible evidence for teachers and school leaders, enhancing their understanding of the students’ needs. Teachers are always informed about the performance and needs of their students. During each interactive assessment, the system stores all student feedback automatically. Teachers can spot misconceptions at an early stage, adapt their teaching accordingly, and prove their findings by submitting evidence.

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