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Empower every teacher to create the most engaging, joyful and effective learning moments.
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Engage students to participate

Activate and engage students to capture and maintain their attention. Keep them focused and excited to learn with innovative lessons and interactive exercises—in the classroom and at home.

One of your main objectives as a teacher is to motivate students and inspire them to keep on learning. LessonUp supports you by offering interactive features to engage students: quiz questions, open-ended questions, mind maps, drag & drop questions, spinners, hotspots and more. Each one stimulates a different kind of engagement, making your digital lessons even more dynamic!


Create lessons you look forward to

Get access to thousands of interactive, adaptable lessons to build upon. They are created and tested by teachers like you. Every lesson is fully customisable, so you can make it your own.

If there is an existing online lesson on a certain topic, and it is good, why create a new one? Save yourself some time and edit one of our existing lessons. For inspiration, check out our free Lesson library, with online lessons made by teachers like you, or our Premium lesson collection, with lessons made by content creation specialists.


Let's inspire and support each other

At LessonUp, we believe that education comes first. Our intuitive toolkit is designed around the needs of teachers who are looking to engage and inspire their students every day.

We are an education specialist providing professional development resources for teachers: white papers, webinars, blog articles, case studies, CPD sessions, webinars, and more. Our white papers and webinars are interlinked, and based on interesting, topical themes. The topics change every 3 months, and are translated into practical learning techniques that you can apply directly.

Thousands of interactive lessons to build upon

With our ever-expanding online lesson library, you never have to start a new lesson from scratch. Every lesson is customisable, so you can make it your own.

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