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Create digital interactive lessons with LessonUp!

Add polls, quizzes, mind maps and other tools to your material

and give a lesson that lasts, remote as well as in-class.

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Teachers use LessonUp to create engaging lessons based on their own materials or found in the LessonUp library. They teach online as well as in-class.


LessonUp enables colleagues to work together, build a school portfolio for digital lessons, and gives the ability to teachers to teach with digital tools.

Museums & Foundations

Present your educational material to a worldwide group of teachers by creating your own channel and interactive content.

What are the advantages of a virtual classroom?

The virtual classroom of LessonUp is highly motivating for your students. It works on their smartphones, laptops or tablets. They do not need to create an account and can join a lesson right away. As a teacher you can discuss the results immediately with your class using your central classroom screen or interactive whiteboard. You can make your own interactive learning material in LessonUp and you will find loads of lessons on all subjects made by other teachers, publishers, and museums.