5 ready-to-teach gamified lessons - part 2

Thomas Courtley, ex teacher and LessonUp education specialist

Thomas Courtley

Education Specialist

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There are so many ways of engaging your students with gamified lessons. Make sure they learn and absorb information without being aware of it, while playing! It’s a win-win.

We have selected a number of games that you students can play independently. Most of these digital lessons are not provided with ready-made answers. Why? You want to stimulate students to discover the right answers together with their team, while enjoying the game.

"Making learning fun, while maintaining a strong educational foundation to your lesson, can be tricky. Let's try to bring even more joyful interactions to the learning process with the application of didactics in a gamified context!"
Education specialist


In this lesson students evaluate a number of statements which could be true or false. Each statement is followed by a set of coordinates. If students are able to correctly select the “true” statements and place them in the right quadrants, they will discover a concept related to the subject you are teaching.

Check out the gamified learning technique Chess.


Horse Jump (puzzle)

A horse jump is a puzzle in which a word and/or concept must be guessed by using a given number of letters. Guess the initial letter and keep jumping clockwise, skipping 2 letters each time. You can make it as big as you prefer, although small versions (8 letters) tend to work better. At the end of the game, ask your students to explain the context of the discovered concept.

Check out the gamified learning technique Horse Jump.



In this learning technique, with drag & drop questions, students are asked to find the correct historical sequence of events. Each domino piece has to be placed next to another one, connecting dates and events that took place in succession. 

This lesson is easy to customise based on the subject you teach. You could match conjugations of verbs, or mathematical formulas with the right results. Everything is possible. All subject matters could be expressed in a domino game.

Check out how to create a domino game with LessonUp.


Spot the difference

Is there anybody who doesn’t know how this works? Students have to spot the differences between the indicated 2 images. It works for all kinds of ages and stimulates students to look really well at the details of a relevant image. 

You can modify a photo with photo editing software, or via Pixlr.



With the help of LessonUp’s spinner you can easily create a variation of the America’s favourite quiz show jeopardy!

Students are provided with answers which match questions that they have to find out for themselves. In this history lesson it’s all about historical figures and concepts related to specific exams in preparatory vocational education. This lesson is easily customisable per subject or theme. All you have to do is change the main categories and concepts in the digital spinner.

Check out the gamified learning technique Jeopardy created with LessonUp.

Don't you know the quiz show? And would you like a brief example of how it works? 👇

If the answer is: 

“During part of the war she lived in the Secret Annex."

Students could answer with the following question:

“Who was Anne Frank?”