Become the kind of school every parent dreams of

Thomas Courtley, ex teacher and LessonUp education specialist

Thomas Courtley

Education Specialist

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Imagine all digital education resources centralised and safely stored in one place, accessible to all school staff, teachers and students.

Wouldn’t that be incredibly efficient? Your school would be equipped for all kinds of future scenarios. Nothing would go lost, and everything could be easily shared internally.

 Students are the core of this change towards centralised teaching, because every young person deserves the best possible education. Centralised teaching with the support of a digital platform is known to improve learners experience, and schools' overall performance. Why so?

Want to become the kind of school every parent dreams of?


1. Engaged students learn better

Teachers who use LessonUp are the first ones to notice that interactive lessons motivate and engage their students. Most kids live in a world that constantly triggers and activates them, also on a digital level. Schools and teachers can contribute to this trend in a positive way. Team up to create and share unique interactive lessons that teachers and students won’t forget!


2. Not every student is a front runner

Shyer and more hesitant students feel seen, heard and understood. That can be challenging for them during an in-person lesson. Digitally, they might find their voice, and surprise their teachers with lengthy answers to their questions. By implementing an open-ended question, for example, teachers provide them with the opportunity to express themselves.


3. Keeping track of student progress is key

With LessonUp teachers are always in the loop concerning the performance and needs of their students. During each interactive element, the system stores all student feedback in automatically generated student reports. They are always there for consultation, and help your staff assess what students need to learn at their best. Teachers can differentiate their learning material, and communicate real-time with their students.

A great teacher remains the essential factor to motivate and teach a class full of students. Yet if you equip your staff with a shared digital reality, you give them an amazing tool to engage their students. They can work as a united team by supporting each other in creating amazing lessons.